Monday, June 12, 2017

Sousa wrote what?

June 15, 7:30 PM, Eagle Point Park

Yes, we all know that the march king wrote a bunch of marches, probably not as many as the Bohemian, Julius Fucik, but a slew of them nonetheless. BUT, old JPS also penned tone poems, songs, waltzes, and even a handful of operettas. So, chalk it up to this week's "I didn't know that" column, sit back and enjoy the El Capitan Waltzes.

So, were you a fan of the "Chairman of the Board?" Who in their right mind wasn't? The band has a medley to satisfy all connoisseurs of the #1 Rat Packer. Sorry, there's no New York, New York; these are the old tunes. Ones like Young at Heart, Love is a Tender Trap--you know 'em. You love 'em.

Who knew that John Williams wrote music for NBC Television? Actually, go here and be amazed. There's lots of stuff that predates Star Wars, including the "trinity" of 1970s disaster films.

And marches? Are we playing any? Do you know Frederick Ricketts? Oh, wait, most everybody knows him as Kenneth Alford. It still doesn't ring a bell? Colonel Bogey? Yes, the one you can whistle. While The Vanished Army's connection to the 100th anniversary of the war to end all wars, might be more appropriate, we're playing Army of the Nile. It's a goodie!

There will be music to channel your inner Sean Connery as well as Princess Jasmine. And buffaloes; did I mention buffaloes? Yes, we'll pay tribute to buffaloes!

THE DATE: June 15, 2017
THE PLACE: Eagle Point Park Band Shell
It's a buck a car, or you can sneak in the back way. Either way, come to Iowa's most beautiful concert site and hear the Tri-State Wind Symphony.